Season 4, Episode 20 – Life Upside-Down

Air Date: 7th May 1994

Written By: Michael Berlin & Eric Estrin

Guest Stars: Jo Farkas (Bag Lady)
Elizabeth Franz (Gladys Lear)
Isabella Hofmann (Abby Malker)
John Lehne (Ben Lear)
Richard Narita (Dr. Nashita)
Garret Pearson (Officer Peck)
Danni Wheeler (Rachel)

Teddy spots Trevor searching for food in a garbage can, accompanied by a raggedly dressed young woman. Before Teddy can talk to Trevor, he runs away. Teddy tells Georgie and John that their son is living somewhere nearby, giving them hope to continue searching. Alex surprises Norma by bringing in Norma’s parents, Ben and Gladys from Ohio to see Norma win a civic award. Norma is unhappy, admitting to Alex that she maintains little communication with them, since they wouldn’t approve of her lesbian lifestyle. Alex convinces Mitch to pose as Norma’s husband for an evening, and Mitch fabricates stories about their married life. Finally, Norma refuses to continue, confessing that she is a lesbian. The next day, Ben tells Norma that he’s proud of her. Teddy sees the young woman she saw with Trevor and bribes the girl to take her to Trevor, who is living in squalor. Teddy eventually convinces Trevor to meet his parents at a downtown location. The next day, Georgie, John and Teddy wait for hours, but he never shows up. Georgie apologizes to John for being angry with him, when really she is angry at Trevor.