Season 4, Episode 2 – The Land of Lost Children

Air Date: 2nd Oct 1993

Written By: Kathryn Pratt

Directed By: Steven Robman

Guest Stars: Jim Boyce (Paramedic)
Catherine Butterfield (Nurse)
Gary Cervantes (Officer #1)
Michael Francis Clarke (Officer #2)
Kirsten Dunst (Kitten Margolis)
Michael Ensign (Howard Greenway)
Dan Gauthier (Kyle)
Bill Stevenson (Delivery Man)
William Allen Young (Dr. Ripley)

Lying in a coma, Cat hovers between life and death. Unable to control her rage, Teddy steals a gun and returns to the college campus where Cat was raped. Detective James Falconer, the policeman assigned to the case, follows Teddy and stops her from shooting an innocent person. Reed returns from college in California, where she and Kirby joined a religious cult. Alex catches Reed stealing a pair of heirloom jade earrings from Alex’s jewelry box. Reed claims she no longer needs material possessions but wants to give the earrings to the woman who is her new spiritual leader. In the hospital, Frankie is touched by Mitch’s vigil over Cat and apologizes to him for her rude behavior during their custody battle over Thomas. They agree to ignore personal grievances and focus on what Thomas needs. Finally, Cat’s spirit watches all the members of her family beg her to get well and come back to them. She is so filled with feelings of love, especially when her mother, Teddy, pleads with her to live, that Cat returns to her physical body.