Season 4, Episode 19 – Lock and Key

Air Date: 30th April 1994

Guest Stars:
Peter White (Dr. Reed)
Stan Abe (Technician)
Daniel Chodos (Foreman)
Isabella Hofmann (Abby Malker)
Kymberly Newberry (Nurse)

Big Al is convicted of tax evasion. Although it was Big Al’s accountant’s fault, the judge sentences Big Al to two years in prison. None of the Reed sisters has a blood type that will allow them to donate bone marrow for Charlotte. Charlotte thanks them and then asks them to stop trying to befriend her. Georgie and John attend marriage counseling. John continues living with Mitch, who is dating Abby Melchoir, a schoolteacher. John constantly interferes with their evenings together but eventually realizes his blunder. Cat goes on her first date since being raped. She enjoys her evening with Jordan, a young man from her photography class. Unfortunately, she panics when he tries to kiss her. Later, Cat tells Jordan she was raped. Shocked, Jordan walks away from Cat, then apologizes and promises not to force the physical part. The next day, Frankie learns that Charlotte found a donor. Frankie won’t let Charlotte refuse her friendship, forcing Charlotte to reveal her fears. Frankie and Teddy stay with Charlotte through her operation and subsequent chemotherapy.