Season 4, Episode 18 – Blood is Thicker Than Water

Air Date: 23rd April 1994

Guest Stars:
Peter White (Dr. Reed)
Daphne Ashbrook (Maggie Falconer)
María Díaz (Nurse)
Stephen Taylor Knot (Casey Falconer)
Larry Poindexter (Matt Kirshner)
Alex Zuckerman (Damien)

The sisters learn they have a “half-sister,” 31-year-old Dr. Charlotte Bennett. Charlotte is the illegitimate child of their father. Charlotte has a rare disease and needs a bone marrow transplant. The sisters ask Charlotte to become part of the family, but she declines. The sisters realize that it is too painful for Charlotte to see the family she was denied. They agree to take blood tests and see if one of them can be a bone marrow donor. Falconer helps his ex-wife, Maggie, dispose of her deceased father’s estate. Before she leaves town, Maggie tells Falconer that she wants another child with him. Falconer tells a stunned Teddy that he’s leaving her to be with Maggie. Frankie gets acquainted with a charming single dad, Matt. She is attracted to him until she meets his out-of-control son, Damien. Before Frankie can tell Matt she no longer wishes to see him, he tells her that Damien doesn’t like their relationship.