Season 4, Episode 17 – Up to His Old Tricks

Air Date: 12th February 1994

Guest Stars: Peter White (Dr. Reed)
Dolores Albin (Ethel)
Daphne Ashbrook (Maggie Falconer)
Ed Krieger (First Fed)
Lomax Study (Jaques)

Alex and Frankie accidentally meet Falconer at a jewelry store, buying an engagement ring for Teddy. He plans to surprise Teddy and asks the sisters not to tell her. Big Al proposes marriage to Alex on her TV show, and she accepts. Bea is distraught when Truman asks for a divorce. At Alex’s insistence, Truman confesses to Bea that he is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. Big Al persuades Truman not to deprive himself of the precious moments he could share with Bea. Evan hates his parents’ separation and secretly leaves them old valentines they exchanged in 1991. After reading them, Georgie and John vow to consider reconciling. Falconer runs into his former wife, Maggie, who invites him to her father’s funeral. Meanwhile, Teddy considers proposing marriage to Falconer during dinner on Valentine’s Day, unaware that Falconer plans to propose to her at the same time. At the funeral, Falconer reminisces with Maggie and realizes he still has feelings for her. During his Valentine’s Day dinner with Teddy, neither of them mentions marriage. Alex’s wedding is wonderful. Later, as Alex and Big Al celebrate their wedding night, Federal Agents arrest Big Al for tax evasion.