Season 4, Episode 16 – Tangled Webs

Air Date: 5th February 1994

Guest Stars:
Doug Ballard (Detective Ray)
Andrew Boyer (Man)
Richard Keats (Heckler)
Tammy Lauren (Evelyn Barrington)
Nancy Linari (Gail Dannauer)
Matt Roe (District Attorney Investigator)

Teddy is upset that Falconer is under investigation for killing a supposedly unarmed suspect. Although the police department suspends him, Teddy is convinced of Falconer’s innocence. Falconer’s name is cleared when his former partner, Ray Villard, confesses that he hid the criminal’s gun, because it was registered to a fellow officer, guilty of drug transactions. Frankie and Mitch’s baby, Thomas George, is cast in a TV commercial, but the contact requires a seven-year commitment. They destroy the contract, deciding he should have a normal childhood. Alex is still suspicious of her former assistant, now co-host, Evelyn, but everyone thinks she’s just paranoid. Big Al becomes suspicious when Evelyn asks him to sponsor a show for her without Alex. Evelyn invites Big Al to discuss the details of her plan in her dressing room. Wearing a hidden microphone, Big Al broadcasts their conversation for the whole studio to hear.