Season 4, Episode 15 – Poison

Air Date: 29th January 1994

Written By: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser

Directed By: Mel Damski

Guest Stars:
Nancy Linehan Charles (Woman)
Charles Emmett (Officer Steve)
Bryan Michael McGuire (Daniel Auerbach)
Gary McGurk (Elevator Guy)
Leonard O. Turner (Chief)
Tammy Lauren (Evelyn Barrington)

Trevor runs away from his rehabilitation clinic. Working with police, John and Georgie search for their missing son. Georgie is so distraught that she blames John for all their problems with Trevor. John moves in with Mitch across the street. While off duty, Falconer notices two suspicious men. When he stops to investigate, one man runs away and the other pulls a gun, aiming at Falconer. Falconer shoots the man dead, but investigators later claim the man was unarmed. Falconer’s commander suspends him until the investigation is complete. Meanwhile, Alex hires an assistant, Evelyn Barrington, to help with her TV show. When Evelyn is evicted from her apartment, Alex insists that Evelyn move in with her. Alex’s instincts tell her that Evelyn should not be trusted, but she ignores her feelings. Everyone loves Evelyn, including Alex’ s producer, Norma. The next day, Alex gets stuck in an elevator, two minutes before show time. Evelyn conveniently hosts Alex’s TV show for her. The owner of the TV station informs a shocked Alex that Evelyn will be Alex’s new co-host. Alex suspects that Evelyn sabotaged the elevator.