Season 4, Episode 14 – Chemical Reactions

Air Date: 22nd January 1994

Written By: Kathryn Pratt & Lisa Melamed

Directed By: Bethany Rooney

Guest Stars:
Donna Bullock (Josie)
John Calvin (Dr. Droan)
Nicholas Hormann (Henry Zaylor)
Celeste Yarnall (Rita Zaylor)

Alex and Teddy attend an art gallery opening, where Alex meets the handsome and eligible Dr. Richard Droan. Just as they exchange phone numbers, Rita Zaylor, the owner of the gallery, suddenly dies. Teddy suspects that Rita’s husband, Henry, murdered her. Since Detective Falconer is investigating the case, she begs him to allow her to help. Over John and Frankie’s objections, Georgie stops taking her anti-depressant medication, not wanting to become drug dependent. After another boring date with Dr. Droan, Alex rushes to Big Al’s office and asks if they can get back together. Big Al is ecstatic. When Henry suddenly dies, Teddy interviews Rita’s sister, Josie, for more information. During the interview, Teddy realizes that Josie was Henry’s lover and helped Henry kill her sister. Then Josie killed Henry to obtain ownership of her sister’s art gallery. Terrified that she is trapped with a killer, Teddy is relieved when Falconer arrives and arrests Josie.