Season 4, Episode 13 – A Path Through the Snow

Air Date: 15th January 1994

Written By: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser

John and youngest son, Evan, leave for their overnight trip to the Springfield Science Fair. While they’re away, Georgie intends to kill herself by taking an overdose of sleeping pills. Georgie feels she has failed completely as a parent by sending Trevor to a rehabilitation clinic. Knowing Georgie is alone; Alex, Teddy and Frankie decide they should all have dinner together. An unexpected blizzard strands the three sisters at Georgie’ s house. The sisters uncover Georgie’s “farewell” notes and try to talk Georgie out of it, reminding her of the struggles they overcame together. The next morning, while Teddy, Alex and Frankie are asleep, Georgie gets the pills, but Evan calls with news that he won the Science Fair, advancing him to the national competition. Evan begs Georgie to help him expand his exhibit. Georgie promises to help him, and then pours the pills down the drain.