Season 4, Episode 12 – Second Thoughts

Air Date: 18th December 1993

Guest Stars: Doug Ballard (Detective Ray)
Zachary Browne (Little Boy)
Josh Lozoff (Teenage Mitch)

Alex is enjoying her new relationship with Big Al, owner of the discount store, Pricetown. Big Al is very patient with Alex, who has been uncomfortable with intimacy since her breast-cancer operation. Teddy receives a phone call from her boyfriend, Falconer, who was shot on a police assignment. Falconer’s wound isn’t serious, but Teddy confesses that she’s questioning being in a relationship with a policeman who could be killed at any time. Teddy calls off their relationship but changes her mind the next day, explaining to Falconer that being a policeman is part of what makes her love him. Big Al and Alex finally have sex and enjoy it. Alex’s family doesn’t like him, and Alex tells Big Al she doesn’t want to date him anymore.