Season 4, Episode 11 – Broken Angel

Air Date: 11th December 1993

Guest Stars:
Carole Androsky (Female Shopper)
Richard Gilbert-Hill (Paul)
Stephen Taylor Knot (Casey Falconer)
Johnny Rogers (Little Trevor)

Alex’s TV talk show is canceled due to a lack of advertisers. While Christmas shopping at Pricetown, a distraught Alex is comforted by a store Santa Claus. The next day, Big Al Barker, the loud and wealthy owner of Pricetown, offers to sponsor Alex’s show. Later, Alex realizes that Big Al was the Santa in whom she confided her troubles. Despite Big Al’s boisterous and uncouth exterior, Alex is attracted to him. Teddy’s boyfriend, Falconer, tells her that he stopped celebrating Christmas when his young son was killed. On Christmas Eve, Falconer relives his son’s death and, not wanting to be alone, goes to Teddy. Georgie and John agree not to send Trevor to a rehabilitation clinic. Hoping Trevor will join in the Christmas festivities, Georgie gives him an heirloom glass angel from her father to place on top of the Christmas tree. Trevor smashes it, and when Georgie blocks him from leaving the house, he hits her in the face. The next day, despite Georgie’s misgivings, John has the trustees from a local rehabilitation clinic take Trevor away. Georgie informs Frankie and Mitch that the judge will allow them to share custody of Thomas George through the Christmas holiday. Frankie and Mitch seem to be reconciling their differences.