Season 4, Episode 10 – The Things We Do for Love

Air Date: 27th November 1993

Written By: Linda Mathious & Heather MacGillvray

Directed By: Jan Eliasberg

Guest Stars: Michael Bryan French (Dr. Hillman)
Dennis Hayden (Policeman)
Peter Sands (Inspector Brenner)
Mark Frankel (Simon Bolt)

Georgie and John try taking Trevor to Dr. Hillman for counseling, but he storms out of the session. A few days later, the entire Reed clan confronts Trevor in a “family intervention.” The next day, Trevor is arrested for causing a traffic accident and driving while intoxicated. After getting Trevor out of jail, John and Georgie place him in a substance abuse treatment center. Falconer warns Teddy that Simon is wanted for embezzling from a bank he owned in England. His yachting accident was faked to avoid arrest. Teddy confronts Simon, who tells her that the bank officers were stealing money and that he merely stole it back in order to return it to the depositors. When Falconer arrests Simon, Teddy tells him Simon’s side of the story. Falconer says he has no choice but to extradite Simon to England. He drives Simon, along with Teddy, to the airport to give him to the British authorities. They go to an isolated airstrip, where Falconer tells Simon that he decided to let him escape, because, although Simon’s actions weren’t legal, he meant well. Simon bids farewell to Teddy. As Simon’s plane leaves, Teddy and Falconer agree to renew their romance.