Season 4, Episode 1 – Back on Track

Air Date: 25th September 1993

Written By: Lisa Melamed

Directed By: Kevin Inch

Guest Stars: Duane Davis (McKinley)
Larry Anderson (Douglas Waterfield)
Dan Gauthier (Kyle)
Terence O. Goodman (Agent Winslow)
Ken Jenkins (Judge Guisewite)
Marek Johnson (Agent Sutton)
Susan Reno (Hillary Clinton)

Teddy is convinced that her career as a fashion designer has ended. However, she realizes it hasn’t when the First Lady, Hillary Clinton, asks her to design a new dress. Teddy immediately seeks help from her former assistant, McKinley. Frankie and Mitch get involved in an angry confrontation on their front lawn. Distracted, they do not see Thomas wander into the street. He is almost hit by a truck, but fortunately Georgie saves him. Frankie and Mitch continue their angry legal battle for sole custody of their baby, Thomas. The judge informs Frankie and Mitch that he dislikes their selfishness and gives Georgie temporary custody. The judge explains that Georgie has acted more like Thomas’s real parent, thinking only of him. Alex is determined to run in a 1O-kilometer race to raise money for cancer research. When Alex injures her leg, Cat volunteers to run in her place and asks Teddy to coach her. Teddy finds Cat, brutally raped and nearly dead behind some wooden benches on Cat’s college campus.