Season 3

Episode 1: Sunstroke

Episode 2: The Bottom Line

Episode 3: A Promise Kept

Episode 4: And God Laughs

Episode 5: Sins of the Mothers

Episode 6: Lost Souls

Episode 7: Accidents Will Happen

Episode 8: Crash and Born

Episode 9: Best Seats in the House

Episode 10: Rivals

Episode 11: Portrait of the Artists

Episode 12: Teach Your Children Well

Episode 13: All That Glitters

Episode 14: Crimes and Ms. Demeanors

Episode 15: The Whole Truth

Episode 16: Things Are Tough All Over

Episode 17: Moving Pictures

Episode 18: Mirror Mirror

Episode 19: Different

Episode 20: Dear Georgie

Episode 21: Some Other Time

Episode 22: The Cold Light of Day

Episode 23: Out of the Ashes

Episode 24: The Icing on the Cake