Season 3, Episode 9 – Best Seats in the House

Air Date: 21st November 1992

Written By: Kimberly Costello & Lisa Melamed

Directed By: Michael Engler

Guest Stars:
Marla Adams (Madeline Brady)
Keythe Farley (Director)
Yvonne Farrow (Jasmina)
John Hammil (Alan)
Anya Longwell (Helga)
Mark Frankel (Simon Bolt)

For their first big fashion show, Teddy insists that Simon give her sisters the best seats in the house. As Frankie cares for her newborn baby, carried by Georgie as a surrogate, Georgie tells Frankie she can’t see the baby for a while, until her emotional attachment lessens. Georgie leaves for a two-week trip. Alex is being considered for the board of the Great Lakes Women’s Caucus, which is eager to have hot designer Teddy as a guest at their luncheon. But when Teddy is too busy to attend, the committee chairman suggests Alex postpone her nomination to the board. Upset that her sister refused, Alex decides not to go to Teddy’s fashion show. Frankie bonds with her son. The two fall asleep in a rocking chair, and Frankie also misses Teddy’s show. At the end of the successful show, Teddy looks out into the audience at the seats she saved for her sisters, and they’re all empty.