Season 3, Episode 6 – Lost Souls

Air Date: 31st October 1992

Guest Stars:
Natalie Core (Miss Wiggerman)
John Christian Graas (Jamie Bolt)
Brent Jennings (Desk Sergeant)
Marlene Katz (Margaret-Marie)
Leonard Stone (Harmonica Man)
Mark Frankel (Simon Bolt)

Georgie helps her son Evan prepare for a Halloween party at the children’s leukemia ward of the hospital. Still feeling responsible for the death of the Harmonica Man, Alex is tormented by his ghost. She goes to the police station to confess, but learns that the man died of appendicitis. The ghost asks Alex for a tombstone to mark his grave, and Alex complies. Frankie and Mitch move in across the street from Georgie. Their first night there, Frankie has a friendly encounter with the ghost of a little girl who was killed in front of the house. The night of the hospital party, a masked magician appears unexpectedly, entertaining everyone. Then he disappears, leaving only his top hat, with a million dollar donation to the Leukemia Fund. Teddy is the only person who knows it was Simon.