Season 3, Episode 5 – Sins of the Mothers

Air Date: 24th October 1992

Guest Stars:
Wil Albert (Malcolm)
Carlease Burke (Nurse)
Rana Mack (Susan)
Kara Sachs (Lori)
Leonard Stone (Harmonica Man)

Teddy is concerned Cat may have inherited her own alcohol problem. Teddy’s lectures to Cat about alcohol, estranges Cat from her mother. But ultimately, the two reconcile. After anti-fur activists splash paint on Alex in her mink coat, Alex decides to donate the coat to charity. On her way to a homeless shelter to donate the coat, Alex thoughtlessly shoves a homeless man who hits his head and later dies. Frankie thinks she may be pregnant and wonders how she’ll tell Georgie that she’s having a baby of her own. Frankie confides in Alex, who blurts the news to Georgie. Later, Frankie learns she’s not pregnant.