Season 3, Episode 4 – And God Laughs

Air Date: 17th October 1992

Written By: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser

Directed By: Steven Robman

Guest Stars:
Ron Fassler (Barry Gold)
Lee Wessof (Gazebo Contractor)
Mark Frankel (Simon Bolt)

Georgie is upset that John has to go out of town on their wedding anniversary. Later, Georgie learns his plane has crashed. Teddy flies to New York for the opening of her clothing design collection, but when Teddy hears about John’s plane, she takes the next flight home, leaving Simon enraged. Frankie is supposed to entertain two important Japanese clients but decides to be with Georgie instead and sends a coworker, Barry, in her place. Barry takes the clients to all the wrong places and loses the account for the company. Frankie cannot get any information about John’s missing plane from the airline. Finally, John calls and is able to fly home that night to spend his anniversary with Georgie.