Season 3, Episode 24 – The Icing on the Cake

Air Date: 28th May 1993

Written By: Lisa Melamed & Daniel Lipman

Directed By: Kevin Inch

Guest Stars:
Elaine Bromka (Kate)
Phillip Cooper (Airline Steward)
Brian Markinson (Glen)
Steve Vinovich (Rupert)
Elayne Boosler (Hildy Hirschberg)

Alex tearfully bids good-bye to Reed and Kirby as they leave for California. Alex befriends a fellow cancer patient, Kate. Alex also meets Hildy Hirschberg, a stand-up comedienne, who teaches a workshop in how to turn cancer into comedy. Frankie accepts a Chief Financial Officer position in New York without consulting Mitch or her family. Georgie invites the couple for dinner to help them reconcile. Frankie tells Mitch that she plans to take baby Thomas George with her to New York. The following day, Mitch tells Georgie he won’t let Frankie take the baby. Georgie tells Frankie that if she knew Frankie would be so selfish, she never would have agreed to have the baby for her. As Frankie is boarding the plane, Mitch stops her with a restraining order. While preparing to perform comedy in front of her cancer group, Alex learns of Kate’s death. Alex wants to back out of the performance, but Hildy encourages her. With some reluctance, Alex makes her comedy debut and is a success.