Season 3, Episode 23 – Out of the Ashes

Air Date: 15th May 1993

Guest Stars:
Duane Davis (McKinley)
Henry Gibson (Cyris Calhoun)
Daniel Riordan (Mover #2)
Peter Spellos (Mover #1)
Peter White (Dr. Reed)

Despite the move into their new home, Mitch feels that he and Frankie aren’t compatible and tells her their marriage is over. Frankie moves back to her loft. Reed is overly attentive to her mother while Alex recuperates from chemotherapy. Later, Kirby announces that he’s been accepted to a film school in California. If Reed goes with him, mother and daughter will be separated at this crucial time, much to Alex’s fear. When Reed suggests a commuter marriage to Kirby, he insists that Alex is manipulating Reed’s affections. Reed offers to stay, while Kirby goes to California, but finally Alex tells Reed to go to California. Teddy’s new boss, Cyrus Calhoun, wants her to close down her couture line of clothing and design a budget line, called “Theodurables,” for his many discount stores. When Teddy defies him, Calhoun tells her that he’ll sue her. Teddy is afraid that the artist in her has been replaced by a successful businesswoman. She brings him the designs that he requested but impulsively sets them on fire.