Season 3, Episode 22 – The Cold Light of Day

Air Date: 8th May 1993

Guest Stars:
Gary Beach (Shopkeeper/Vincent/Prime Minister)
Henry Gibson (Cyris Calhoun)
Andrea Leonelli (Bubble Head Girl)
Elsa Raven (Madame Sophie)
Richard Vidan (Cop)
Barbara Babcock (Counselor)

Angry that Simon sold her business, Teddy tells Simon that she no longer wants to date him. Later, Simon proposes marriage, and eventually Teddy accepts. Mitch reluctantly goes to a marriage counselor with Frankie. Mitch and Frankie have a difficult time with the sensuality exercises that the therapist gives them to do. At their next therapy session, the two have a fight. The doctor suggests individual visits. In Frankie’s solo session, she learns that she may be more afraid of failure than of divorce. When Frankie realizes her true feelings, she’s afraid to go back to therapy. Mitch continues with the sessions, eager to make the marriage work. As a result of chemotherapy, Alex considers getting a wig to cover her hair loss. She visits an eccentric wig maker, Madame Sophie, and brings home a box guaranteed to transform her life. She tries several unusual wigs, but they all evoke horrible fantasies. Finally, Madame Sophie gives Alex a wig that looks like Alex’s real hair. She feels beautiful again. Teddy is deeply upset when Simon buys a huge house in London without consulting with her. She gives Simon back his ring, insisting the marriage wouldn’t work.