Season 3, Episode 21 – Some Other Time

Air Date: 1st May 1993

Written By: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser

Directed By: Fred Gerber

Guest Stars:
Mimi Craven (Libby Corrigan)
Robert Curtis Brown (Nick Corrigan)
Lewis Dauber (Ed Farrell)
John Schuck (Dr. Stanley Livingston)

The sisters try to cheer up Alex after her chemotherapy. Teddy gives Alex a dress to wear to a black-tie dinner party. Alex meets Dr. Stanley Livingston, who asks her out. Stanley is sympathetic about her breast cancer, and Alex likes him, but she also believes isn’t a good time for romance. Frankie and Mitch argue about how she is more concerned with her work than with family obligations. An attractive business associate, Henry Windemere, flirts with Frankie, and she opens up to Henry about her marital problems. Mitch and Frankie argue again, and Henry offers Frankie a dream job in New York. She refuses his offer. Frankie suggests she and Mitch go for marriage counseling. The Whitsig’s spend an evening with an overly romantic married couple they introduced on a blind date. Questioning the excitement in their own lives, they plan a romantic weekend at home together. They wonder if something is wrong with their marriage because it doesn’t seem as romantic as they think it should be.