Season 3, Episode 20 – Dear Georgie

Air Date: 24th April 1993

Guest Stars:
Kirsten Dunst (Kitten Margolis)
Geraldine Farrell (Waitress)
Marla Finn (Woman)
Shirley Prestia (Margaret)
Jerry Sroka (Oliver Wendell Bernstein)
Terry Wills (Man)

Georgie is given her own “Dear Georgie” advice column in the local newspaper. Cat helps out with baby Thomas when she’d rather spend time with her dad. Cat feels neglected, more like Thomas’ baby-sitter than his sister. Georgie’s editor tells her that her responses aren’t short and glib enough. Later, her sisters anonymously write to her for advice about seeing Truman with another woman. Georgie advises to watch and wait. Frankie and Alex follow Truman and see him at a hotel with the other woman. When the situation turns out to be completely innocent, Truman is angry that the sisters followed him. Teddy asks “Dear Georgie” how to repay her brother-in-law for doing her taxes for free. Georgie suggests Teddy boost his morale. Teddy makes him breakfast and is overly kind. John thinks Teddy may have a romantic interest in him and writes a letter to Georgie about the problem. The advice is to get rid of the other woman, so John asks Teddy to move out. She’s shocked. Everyone complains to Georgie that she gave them bad advice. Just when Georgie is ready to quit, Cat visits to thank her for her help with Mitch.