Season 3, Episode 19 – Different

Air Date: 27th February 1993

Guest Stars:
Patricia Belcher (Receptionist)
Duane Davis (McKinley)
Sidney Chankin (Reginald)
Matthew Faison (Dr. Stammreich)
Steven Gilborn (Lucas Addler)
Gene Knight (Judge)
James R. Parkes (Kenneth)
Paul Roache (Witness)
David Ruprecht (Host)
Peter White (Dr. Reed)
Mark Frankel (Simon Bolt)

School tests show that Evan is a genius, but when the family fusses over him, Evan resents being gifted. Later, the school notifies the Whitsig’s that the tests were marked incorrectly. Evan has average intelligence. Georgie and Frankie tell Alex they don’t like her self-destructive behavior of drinking and avoiding starting chemotherapy. Evan, a leukemia survivor, gives Alex consolation and hope. Alex finally goes for chemotherapy with her family. Simon refuses to go on vacation with Teddy but won’t tell her why. Simon finally tells Teddy that he’s liquidating his assets to try to stop a hostile takeover of his company. He also informs her that his business problems don’t concern her. Teddy’s upset that he doesn’t confide in her. Mitch suggests Teddy offer Simon money to help solve his problem. Teddy asks Frankie to sell all her shares in her company, so she can help. Frankie doesn’t follow Teddy’s instructions, however, when she learns that Simon already sold his shares in Teddy’s company without telling Teddy.