Season 3, Episode 18 – Mirror Mirror

Air Date: 20th February 1993

Guest Stars:
Christopher Carroll (Dr. Degal)
Ed Evanko (Dr. Dalton Isley)
Matthew Faison (Dr. Stammreich)
William Hubbard Knight (Doctor #3)
Erick Poppick (Doctor #1)
Peter White (Dr. Reed)
Mark Frankel (Simon Bolt)

Alex plans breast augmentation surgery, but her sisters try to talk her out of it. When Alex goes to the doctor, he finds a lump in her breast that turns out to be cancer. Georgie prepares son Trevor for his confirmation. When Trevor learns of Alex’s illness, he feels too angry to rehearse or pray. Frankie tells Teddy that she’s having sexual problems with Mitch. Frankie tries wearing a sexy nightgown to tempt Mitch, but he’s thinking about his work. The family waits at the hospital while Alex has surgery. When he learns their baby-sitter has to leave, Mitch leaves the hospital to stay with his son. While on the operating table, Alex dreams that she’s dead. After the surgery, Alex awakens to find Wade there. She sends him home to be with his new wife. Frankie and Mitch finally get some romance back and make love.