Season 3, Episode 17 – Moving Pictures

Air Date: 13th February 1993

Guest Stars:
Duane Davis (McKinley)
Cindy Ambuehl (Brittany Mills/”Frankie”)
Layne Beamer (“John”)
Tamu Blackwell (Tamu)
David Dunard (“Sheriff”)
Georgann Johnson (Mrs. Teller)
William Katt (Jeffrey Teller)
J. David Krassner (Lewis Fusco)
Joe Mantello (Adam Olderberg)
Michael McCarty (Rudy)
Shari Shattuck (Morgan Sherian/”Georgie”)
Laura Mae Tate (Tiffany Hartman/”Teddy”)
Kirk Thornton (Matre D’)
Sal Viscuso (Harold J. Wise)
Mark Frankel (Simon Bolt)
Patrick Duffy (Himself)
John Schneider (McGreevy/McGrady/McGruder)
Suzanne Somers (Herself)

John, Georgie, Frankie and Alex fly to Hollywood for the filming of the movie, “A Sister’s Love,” about how Georgie carried a baby for Frankie. When Teddy learns that Jeffrey, her photographer friend, has died of AIDS, she puts a photo of her and Jeffrey in her magazine ad. At Jeffrey’s funeral, Jeffrey’s mother is outraged by the photo and asks Teddy to leave. Simon informs Teddy that stores have canceled orders, offended by the ad. Later, Jeffrey’s mother apologizes to Teddy, and Teddy gets orders from a large buyer who approves of the ad. The family hates how they are portrayed in “A Sister’s Love.” Alex is angry that her character has been cut out and runs off the set. She accidentally meets Patrick Duffy, who invites her to lunch. Later, Georgie objects to a scene, shouting “cut” during filming. The family is removed from the set. When Patrick cancels for lunch, Alex drags Frankie to Patrick’s trailer, but he’s not there. Alex takes his boxer shorts as a souvenir. A guard finds the two sisters and takes them to the studio jail. Patrick Duffy frees them, then takes them to the head of the studio, and forces the director to tell the story accurately.