Season 3, Episode 15 – The Whole Truth

Air Date: 23rd January 1993

Written By: Ruth Wolff

Directed By: Jan Eliasberg

Guest Stars:
Amy Aquino (Iris)
Sidney Chankin (Reginald)
Shelley Morrison (Juanita)

Kirby hosts a noisy party. Unfortunately, it’s on the one night Alex wanted to be alone. After Alex’s housekeeper quits, Alex considers asking the newlyweds to move out. She asks a phone-in radio therapist for advice. They hear the broadcast as well, but don’t think that it’s about them. Alex dresses for the funeral of a distant uncle and tells Reed the uncle left her a thousand dollars in his will. Alex hopes this will make Reed want to move out. Instead, Reed plans to use the money to finance her husband’s next avant-garde film. Kirby decides to get their own apartment with the money. Alex is relieved, then worries about being lonely after they move. Georgie awaits the writer who will turn the story about her bearing her sister’s baby into a TV movie-of-the-week. She cooks an elaborate dinner and invites the whole family to the house for the meeting. The writer, Iris, sees an idyllic family, but she hopes to uncover some family problems soon. When Iris interviews each family member alone, each shares a family secret — the kind that movies-of-the-week are made of.