Season 3, Episode 13 – All That Glitters

Air Date: 9th January 1993

Written By: Kimberly Costello

Directed By: Barbara Amato

Guest Stars:
Sidney Chankin (Reginald)
Howard George (Mr. Wyze)
Marianna Harris (Doreen)
John Moschitta Jr. (Reporter)
Phil Reeves (Sanford Culhane)
Mark L. Taylor (Mr. Weiss)
Sal Viscuso (Mr. Wise)

Three producers from three different film companies each want the rights to the story of how Georgie carried a baby for her sister, Frankie. Her sisters encourage her to accept the opportunity. As the financial offers for her story increase, so does Georgie’s desire NOT to receive the publicity. Meanwhile, Simon asks Teddy to live with him. With Georgie’s help, Teddy decides to move. Teddy shows Cat the new home, complete with servants for every need. But it is difficult for Teddy to draw and create without the coziness of her sister’s home. Late at night, she leaves Simon’s penthouse, to go to Georgie’s home and work. The following day, Teddy and Simon decide they want to be together but can’t live together. Frankie is called away from maternity leave and into her office to deal with a particular client. She tells Mitch that she wants to go back to work. He’s willing to change his schedule to accommodate the baby and is angry that Frankie is not willing to make a part-time commitment to her job.