Season 3, Episode 12 – Teach Your Children Well

Air Date: 19th December 1992

Written By: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser

Directed By: Gwen Arner

Guest Stars:
Robert Balderson (Officer Delany)
Michael Laskin (Rabbi Chasan)
Robert Levine (Max)
Barney Martin (Walt Whitsig)
David Stenstrom (Customer)
Peter White (Dr. Reed)

Frankie takes Judaism conversion classes and is horrified when she sees a swastika drawn on Mitch’s store window. Frankie organizes a neighborhood watch, and the vandals are caught. John invites his estranged father, Walt, to spend the Christmas holidays with their family. Walt hasn’t seen the family in seven years. He offers a $25,000 college fund to his two grandsons. Walt promises the boys courtside basketball tickets, then lets them down. John says he doesn’t want the boys to experience the disappointment Walt put him through. That night, Georgie learns Walt has been lying about the college money. Alex and Teddy are still angry at each other. Their daughters, Cat and Reed, work unsuccessfully to get their mothers to reconcile. The following day, Cat and Reed have a big fight of their own, which Alex and Teddy help stop. Eventually, sisters and cousins all make up and attend their first Hanukkah dinner.