Season 3, Episode 11 – Portrait of the Artists

Air Date: 12th December 1992

Written By: Lisa Melamed

Directed By: Michael Lange

Guest Stars:
Melissa Behr (Jerilyn)
Duane Davis (McKinley)
Lauren Dennington (Kelly)
William Katt (Jeffrey Teller)
John McMartin

After a photographer cancels for her photo shoot, Teddy replaces him with Jeffrey Teller, her first high school love. There is still a mutual attraction, but Jeffrey has AIDS, contracted from intravenous drug use. When a model afraid of catching AIDS walks out, Teddy poses instead. Later, Jeffrey and Teddy take portraits together. Alex takes a class in creative writing with a successful novelist, J.D. Fitzway. He praises her work, and Alex invites Reed and Kirby to hear her read and to meet her teacher. At school, they accidentally overhear Fitzway commenting on how bad Alex’s work is. Later, Alex tells her teacher he’s a hypocrite. Frankie is concerned that the Whitsig house is a mess while her sister Georgie is in New York. Frankie decides to cook and clean for her brother-in-law and nephews, much to their annoyance. Their opinion changes when she promises to take them to a hockey game. But when she takes them to “Snoopy on Ice,” they hate it.