Season 3, Episode 10 – Rivals

Air Date: 5th December 1992

Written By: Hugh O’Neill

Directed By: James A. Contner

Guest Stars:
Fritzi Burr (Mrs. Visconti)
Mary-Margaret Lewis (Saleswoman)
Heather Lauren Olson (Little Reed)
Mark Frankel (Simon Bolt)

Alex is jealous of Teddy’s success and shows her own jewelry designs to Simon. When Teddy finds out, the sisters get into a bitter argument that turns into a wrestling match. Reed chooses to spend an evening at the ballet with her father, Wade, rather than go to a party honoring her husband, Kirby. Kirby angrily tells Reed that unless they live somewhere else, she’ll always be daddy’s little girl. Wade asks Kirby to consider moving back with Reed. Frankie has Bea watch the baby until she finds a baby-sitter. Frankie’s business-like system of charts and schedules conflicts with Bea’s instincts, so Frankie tells her mother that she no longer wants her to take care of the baby. Later, the baby has a problem Frankie can’t solve. Frankie reluctantly calls her mother, who helps only for the baby’s sake.