Season 3, Episode 1 – Sunstroke

Air Date: 26th September 1992

Alex wants Bea to have the perfect wedding, but Bea doesn’t like her daughter’s plans. While Alex spends a romantic evening with her ex-husband, Wade, Reed informs them that she wants to quit college to be with Kirby. Later Reed informs everyone that she has married Kirby, and Alex reacts by breaking every piece of crystal in her house. Frankie is concerned that Georgie, who is seven months pregnant, and carrying a baby for Frankie, may be over-exerting herself, so she hires a housekeeper for Georgie. Bea and Truman decide they want to elope. What to do with a wedding reception without a bride and groom? Reed and Kirby get Alex’s blessing and agree to go through with the ceremony.