Season 2, Episode 9 – Georgie Through the Looking Glass

Air Date: 23rd November 1991

Written By: Richard Greenberg

Directed By: Lorraine Senna Ferrera

It’s Thanksgiving, and Georgie and John prepare to have the Reed clan over for dinner. However, secretly they await the results of Evan’s test to see if his leukemia is in remission. Due to a mistake at the lab, they have to wait for the results. Devastated, Georgie runs out of the house. Alex and Wade meet their teenage daughter, Reed, at the airport. Reed has been going to school in Paris and is angry about her parents’ divorce. She arrives with her French lover and admits she was expelled from school. After much arguing, Reed reluctantly goes with Alex to John and Georgie’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Georgie goes to the house she grew up in and recalls painful scenes from her childhood. John finds Evan’s doctor, who gets the keys to the lab. When Georgie returns home, her family has prepared dinner, and John tells Georgie that Evan will be fine.