Season 2, Episode 7 – The Family Way

Air Date: 9th November 1991

Written By: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser

Directed By: Fred Gerber

Guest Stars:
Josh Lozoff (Teenage Mitch)
Franc Luz (Hank Seawell)
Lenora May (Jeanine)
Joe Nesnow (Security Guard)

When Georgie misses Trevor’s soccer game because she has to take Evan to the doctor, Trevor breaks the windows of a vacant house. When Teddy tells her friend, Hank, that she is pregnant, he asks her to move to New York with him, but Teddy refuses. Teddy finally tells the rest of her family about her pregnancy, omitting that it’s Mitch’s baby, something only she and Hank know. Later, Hank tells Mitch the truth. Although Mitch wants to claim the child as his, he’s uncertain what to tell Frankie. Alex decides to pursue a career in interior design, starting with her mother’s apartment. While redecorating, Georgie and Alex accidentally walk in on Bea having sex with Truman.