Season 2, Episode 6 – Freedom’s Just Another Word

Air Date: 2nd November 1991

Written By: Ron Cowen & Daniel Lipman

Directed By:Christopher Hibler

Guest Stars:
Orlando Bonner (Sergeant)
Bobby Collins (Brucie)
David Alan Graf (Fan #2)
Bette Rae (Guard)
Richard Jamison (Officer)
Franc Luz (Hank Seawell)
Alexandra Kenworthy (Person #2)
Patrick Husted (Fan #1)
Dale Swann (Councilman Bellenkamp)
Wil Shriner (Sam)
Marc Siegler (Person #1)

Hank Seawell and Teddy prepare for the opening of Hank’s photography exhibit, a major event, hosted by the Hospital Women’s League and Alex, the new Chairperson. Wade brings his young girlfriend to the event, and Alex brings a handsome but inarticulate young man, Victor. Wade and Alex rekindle their attraction and end up making love. When some nude photos of Teddy are unveiled, an irate councilman closes the exhibit. When police take the photos away, Teddy protests and gets arrested. Teddy’s sisters demonstrate against censorship, and Teddy ends up having to bail them out of jail. John is insulted while a guest on a popular radio show, his children’s favorite. Later, John pays a surprise, on-air visit to the show hosts, bringing his fans with him.