Season 2, Episode 22 – Not in a Million Years

Air Date: 2nd May 1992

Guest Stars:
Duane Davis (McKinley)
Robin Frizzell (Woman)
Richard McGonagle (Dr. Eastman)
Caroline Williams (Janet Kelso)

Teddy advertises for a seamstress to help her business. A very big, ex-convict, McKinley, named for the mountain, applies for the job. She’s put off by his size and prison record. But he persists in his desire to sew for her, and after she sees some of his samples, she hires him. Unable to find a satisfactory “host carrier” to have her baby, Frankie turns to her sisters. Georgie, Alex and Teddy all offer to be the surrogate. Teddy’s feelings are hurt when Frankie chooses Georgie. The following day, Georgie has Frankie’s fertilized egg implanted in her uterus.