Season 2, Episode 21 – Pandora’s Box

Air Date: 25th April 1992

Written By: Jeffrey Stepakoff

Directed By: Fred Gerber

Guest Stars:
Ron Fassler (Barry Gold)
Kelli Williams (Sarah Nolan)

Frankie and Mitch adopt a baby and experience the difficulties of caring for an infant. Frankie and Georgie meet the birth mother, Sarah, who regrets giving up her baby. Frankie visits Sarah’s apartment and sees a crib and clothes for the baby. After much soul searching, Frankie gives the baby back to Sarah. Alex postpones telling Victor that she’s returning to her ex-husband, even though Victor has made romantic plans with her. Victor tells Georgie that he’s going to surprise Alex with a ring. Teddy informs Alex, who gives Victor her good-bye speech. Bea’s beau, Truman, tells her he’s temporarily moving to Boston to teach at the University. Later, they have a fight, and Bea ends their relationship. Before Truman leaves, Bea tells him she wishes he wouldn’t go. Truman asks her to marry him, when he returns.