Season 2, Episode 20 – Heart and Soul

Air Date: 18th April 1992

Written By: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser

Directed By: David Carson

Guest Stars:
Janette Caldwell (Young Woman)
Mark Patrick Gleason (Young Wade)
Chris Sarandon (Harry)
Bill Shick (Craig)
Jim Staskel (Man)

Teddy begins dating a fellow Alcoholics Anonymous member, Harry. Unfortunately, Teddy is heartbroken when she realizes Harry isn’t ready to stop drinking. Meanwhile, John is consumed with rehearsing with his singing partner, Fern. Georgie feels like she’s no longer a partner in John’s dream. When Fern arrives for another singing rehearsal, John sends her home, so he can serenade Georgie. Wade tries to court Alex with memories of their past together. He rents their first apartment for a week, to rekindle their early love. She remembers the bad as well as the good, and leaves. But later, Wade and Alex decide to have a new beginning.