Season 2, Episode 2 – The Picture of Perfection

Air Date: 28th September 1991

Written By: Cathryn Michon

Directed By: Sandy Smolan

Guest Stars: N/A

John continues to receive orders for his vocal tape while he tries to help Mitch with his finances. Mitch needs $25,000 to keep his fish market open. Georgie suggests that he borrow the money from Frankie, but Mitch disagrees. Teddy meets Hank Seawell, a prestigious photographer whose pictures of the homeless she once tried to paint. Seawell has been hired by Alex to take photos of her and Wade. At Teddy’s suggestion, Alex decides to spend more quality time with Wade and gets tickets to an interactive theatre show. One of the stars of the show, Tiffany Blue, happens to be having an affair with Wade. Finally, Mitch reluctantly forms a financial partnership with Frankie to save his fish market. When they go to City Hall to file the partnership papers, they decide to get married instead.