Season 2, Episode 19 – Empty Rooms

Air Date: 11th April 1992

Guest Stars:
Raye Birk (Carlton Brunell)
Katherine Cortez (Dr. Arroyo)
Phyllis Ehrlich (Lookie Louise)
Bob Frank (Lookie Louie)

Recovering from a mild heart attack, Bea feels depressed about her own mortality. When Frankie’s home pregnancy test is positive, Frankie tries to cheer her mother with news of an upcoming grandchild. Later, Frankie learns that her home pregnancy test is wrong, and a fertility doctor tells Frankie she wouldn’t be able to carry a baby to term. When Frankie informs her mother, Bea springs back to life in order to care for her daughters. Alex needs to economize and possibly move to a smaller home, because the bank is ready to foreclose. Alex shows the house to buyers, who are not as enamored with the place as she is. Then, she learns from the bank that someone is willing to pay the asking price in all cash. The new buyer bought the home anonymously, for her. She can stay, free and clear. The buyer turns out to be Victor, a self-made man who has been keeping his wealth, Ivy League education and royal descent a secret.