Season 2, Episode 18 – The First Time

Air Date: 29th February 1992

Guest Stars:
Roy Abramsohn (Mugger)
Bever-Leigh Banfield (Thelma Louise)
Louis Guss (Lou Eden)
James Harper (Jennings)
Dalton James (Bart McAllister)
Josh Lozoff (Teenage Mitch)
Mike Simmrin (Young John)

Cat announces that she wants to make love with her boyfriend. Teddy and Mitch plan to intervene, then think better of it. John, “The C.P.A. of Song,” makes his nightclub debut, but is disappointed with the results. John gets a female singer to join him, and the next performance is a success. After being robbed and attacked at an ATM, Alex has a security system installed in her home, then hosts a self defense class at her house. Afraid to leave her house in the evening, Alex forbids Reed to attend a party. Later, when her burglar alarm goes off, Alex reaches for her gun to confront the intruder. But it’s Reed, returning after sneaking out.