Season 2, Episode 17 – A Matter of Life and Death

Air Date: 22nd February 1992

Guest Stars:
Robert Ackerman (Dr. Morgan)
Larry Cedar (Dr. Blumenthal)
Lupita Llaca (Woman Shopper)
Raymond Patterson (Moderator)
Bill Press (Reporter)
Peter White (Dr. Reed)

Teddy and Frankie have a heated argument after Teddy sees Frankie wearing a pair of their late father’s cuff links that Teddy lent her sister and never saw again. Teddy breaks into Frankie’s house to steal them back but is caught by Cat. Georgie is in the middle of her school board speech when she finds out that Bea has had a heart attack. Georgie rushes to the hospital, where the sisters gather around their mother. Georgie loses the school board race by a slim margin. She celebrates a well-fought campaign, and everyone wishes for the speedy recovery of their mother.