Season 2, Episode 16 – The Four Elements

Air Date: 15th February 1992

Written By: Ron Cowen & Daniel Lipman and Michael Filerman

Directed By: James A. Contner

Guest Stars:
Jean De Baer (Maggie D’Amato)
John Drayman (Waiter)
Tuc Watkins (Brad)
Biff Yeager (Fireman)

Alex and Victor continue dating, but Reed becomes obsessed with Victor, forcing Alex to break off her relationship with Victor. Reed eventually tells Alex she’s no longer interested in Victor and encourages Alex to resume her relationship with him. Teddy brings her clothing designs to her former employer, who wants to have a designer showing. Teddy accidentally burns down Georgie’s garage with Teddy’s new “Teddywear” inside it. Alex and Frankie work until dawn to remake Teddy’s clothing in time for the show. Frankie calls Mitch to meet at Georgie’s at 2 AM, because her calculations indicate she is at peak fertility, the perfect time for them to conceive a baby. When Mitch finally arrives, greasy and exhausted after getting a flat tire, Frankie is too tired to do anything, having stayed up all night helping Teddy.