Season 2, Episode 15 – Tippecanoe and Georgie Too!

Air Date: 8th February 1992

Written By: Abraham Tetenbaum

Directed By: Kevin Inch

Guest Stars:
Ron James (Harlan)
Nicholas Pryor (Jack)
Jennifer Savidge (Marissa Stone)
Mary Gregory (Muss Underhill)

Georgie runs for election to the school board. Alex is eager for Reed to be admitted to a prestigious girls’ school. Miss Underhill from the private girls’ school complains about a lunatic running for the public school board — Georgie. When Reed is later accepted, Alex rejects the offer, with the approval of her daughter and Wade. Frankie brings in a professional media consultant, Jack Hallihern, to help Georgie. Jack’s strategy, shying away from controversial issues, is the opposite of what Georgie wants to do. She’s particularly concerned with the discriminatory treatment of a good teacher who is being dismissed after it was learned he tested HIV positive. When Georgie overhears Marissa Stone denigrating Georgie’s family, she decides to drop out of the campaign. Husband John tells Georgie she should stay in the race and fight for what she believes in.