Season 2, Episode 14 – Working Girls

Air Date: 25th January 1992

Written By: Gardner Stern

Directed By: Steven Robman

Guest Stars:
Heidi Swedberg (Jill Parkins)
Mary Donnelly (Fern Neuswanger)
Ron Fassler (Barry Gold)
Nancy Linari (Belinda)
Dori Brenner (Maggie D’Amato)

Frankie’s assistant, Jill, complains that Max, the representative of an important client, is sexually harassing her. Frankie tells Jill to ignore it, neglecting to mention that she herself had the same problem with Max. Bea tells her daughters that she wants to move in with Truman, but the two can’t agree on any of the details of the move and finally decide to continue living apart. Teddy takes a job selling cosmetics. Alex hosts a small gathering of women to see Teddy’s products. Everyone dislikes the makeup but loves Teddy’s homemade shirt. Teddy decides to start a hand-made clothing business. When Georgie learns that Jill has quit due to Max’s advances, she confronts Frankie. Frankie tells Max that she will file sexual harassment charges against him unless he is replaced with a different representative from his company. Frankie reinstates Jill in her old job. Max leaves, but is angry that Frankie’s not grateful for his help in making her a vice president.