Season 2, Episode 13 – Troubled Waters

Air Date: 18th January 1992

Guest Stars:
Heidi Swedberg (Jill Parkins)

Frankie thinks she will have to cancel a fishing trip she and Mitch had planned, but Teddy convinces Frankie to put her husband before work and go on the trip. On their fishing trip, Frankie’s cell phone rings continuously with calls from the office. Mitch finally throws it in the lake, and the two have an argument, abruptly ending their trip. Alex’s amorous plumber, Victor, and her ex-husband, Wade, have awards banquets scheduled for the same night. Alex takes each man to the other one’s ceremony. After almost buying Truman’s car and several other cars, an indecisive Teddy settles on a practical Japanese import. Mitch makes peace with Frankie. Victor tells Alex good-bye, realizing she has more of a history with Wade. Later, Alex tells Wade she doesn’t want to get deeply involved with anyone, including him.