Season 2, Episode 12 – Good Help is Hard to Find

Air Date: 11th January 1992

Guest Stars:
Shelley Morrison

Evan is being tutored at home by his teacher, Jim. Later, Georgie learns that Jim may be HIV positive, and the other parents want him fired. At a Parents’ Association meeting, Georgie speaks out in defense of Jim. Although Jim is forced to leave, Georgie has become motivated to run for a seat on the school board. Immigration officers threaten to deport Alex’s maid, who may be an illegal alien. Mitch gets audited for a tax year when he was married to Teddy. At first, Frankie refuses to help Teddy and Mitch with their audit. Frankie eventually decides to help her husband and Teddy, but each expense brings up a good memory from Mitch’s past marriage that Frankie finds upsetting. Alex finds a loophole to keep her maid from being deported. The tax audit nets a small refund, which goes towards flowers to make peace with Frankie.