Season 2, Episode 11 – Eggnog

Air Date: 21st December 1991

Guest Stars:
Michael Lee Gogin (Shmeckelpetzel)
William Dennis Hunt (Deranged Santa)
Tony Jay (Charles Dickens)

It’s Christmas time, and the Reed’s gather at sister Georgie’s house to celebrate. The scene is less than merry because Teddy is still grieving about her miscarriage. Georgie is also disappointed that Alex plans to leave early for a trip to Mexico with Victor. The eggs used in their homemade eggnog turn out to be tainted. Alex gets nauseous and tries to postpone her flight. Also feeling faint is Georgie’s husband, John. After catching Mitch sharing a tender moment with Teddy, Frankie punches him in the nose. Georgie tries to hold back her nausea while being the good hostess. During the night, Teddy has a Dickensian vision of her future Christmas and decides her Christmas must be merry at any cost.