Season 2, Episode 10 – Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

Air Date: 14th December 1991

Written By: Jeff Baron

Directed By: James A. Contner

Teddy gets a job doing window displays in a chic women’s shop. Shortly after, she suffers a miscarriage. Reed and Alex enter the Women’s League mother/daughter costume competition. At the investment firm, Frankie worries about losing her job due to the recession. Instead, her boss gives her a huge account to manage. Unfortunately, the client, Max Weldon is more interested in Frankie herself than in her work. Frankie politely rebuffs him. However, when he praises her work to her superiors, she’s promoted to vice president. After Alex and Reed lose the competition, Alex is happy it gave her a chance to do something with her daughter, but Reed is horribly disappointed. Reed wanted to use the prize money to go back to Paris against Alex’s wishes. Angrily, Alex writes her a check and insists that she leave. Reed finally admits that she doesn’t really want to go.