Season 2, Episode 1 – One to Grow On

Air Date: 21st September 1991

Written By: Christopher Keyser & Amy Lippmann

Directed By: Steven Robman

Guest Stars:
Deon Aumaier (Clown #1)
Don Lewis (Clown #2)
Mark Patrick Gleason (Young Wade)
James Lancaster (Terry Silver)
Alan Mandell (Owen Glendower)
Mindy Ann Martin (Kimberly)
Stephen Prutting (Clerk)
Michael Yama (Tashiro Rondan)

John Whitsig returns to sanity when his son, Evan, begins chemotherapy treatments for leukaemia. Georgie wants Evan to have a quiet tenth birthday, but Alex disagrees and plans an extravagant party for him. Teddy tries to reconcile with her estranged teenage daughter, Cat, who is staying with her father, Mitch. Teddy begins drinking again, and Georgie forces her to move out of their house. When a client wants her to fly to Tokyo on the day of Evan’s party, Frankie and Mitch, now ex-lovers, argue that her work always takes priority. Bea talks Teddy into going to Alcoholics Anonymous with her, and Frankie manages to attend to Evan’s party before her flight. Evan thinks he’s going to die because everybody is making his party into such a big event. Georgie explains that it’s just to make his birthday extra special because he isn’t feeling well.